Learn How to Play Cello, Violin and Viola

Music with Charlie, Hills District, Sydney NSW

Music with Charlie is a Music School located in the Hills District of Sydney, NSW.


We offer music lessons for kids, adults, professional musicians, and anyone wanting to learn how to play a string instrument such as cello, violin or viola.

Classical and contemporary strings lessons available.

In our strings music lessons, we focus on a technique that looks fluid and is free from excessive tension.

Learn everything from proper use of vibrato to selecting an instrument, how to use the bow, and setting correct instrument height.

Have fun developing your fingerboard knowledge and applied improvisation skills while playing some of your favourite contemporary and classical songs.

Music lessons for violin, cello and viola

Learn how to play violin, learn how to play cello, or learn how to play viola at Music with Charlie music school, located in the Hills district area of NSW. Learn how to play classical and contemporary music on violin, viola or cello.

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