Classical and contemporary singing lessons. Your voice is a tool – learn how to use it and tune it, so you can sing safely and reliably! Our singing lessons cover technical work, ear training, stage presence and more. Need help singing harmonies? Want to learn the basics? Have operatic aspirations? From arias to folk music, we can help!


Trumpet, French horn, cornet, flugelhorn lessons. AMEB, Jazz, marching band or orchestral music! Delve into improv, or perfect your note reading. We tutor children in school bands right up to adults playing for leisure.


Cello, violin and viola – classical and contemporary strings lessons. In our strings music lessons, we teach a technique that looks fluid and free from excessive tension. Learn everything from proper use of vibrato to selecting an instrument, to how to use the bow and setting correct instrument height. Have fun developing your fingerboard knowledge and applied improvisation skills while playing some of your favourite contemporary and classical songs.


Classical and contemporary piano lessons for all ages. Practise note reading and chord building in everything from Bach to Blues! Learn to play piano renditions of your favourite songs or prepare for a classical recital.


Contemporary bass lessons. Start from the beginning or brush up your skills with funk, Latin, rock and more! Our lessons include technical work, reading, jamming with your favourite tunes or even help coming up with bass lines for your new project. 


Classical and contemporary guitar lessons. We are happy to help you no matter what your goals; electric, nylon, steel string acoustic. Learn the basics so you can be the star of the fireside sing-a-long, hone your finger technique for that renaissance recital.  *We have some instruments at the studio for student use if you don't want to bring your own. 

French *NEW*

French lessons for all ages. Games-based learning for little ones, tuition style for older kids and adults. Preparing your HSC? Going overseas and just need a few phrases? Want to try something new to stretch your brain? Friendly one to one classes with Charlie will be fun and accessible. 

English *NEW*

Need to pass your IELTS or TOEFL? Looking to fine-tune your accent?  English language lessons with Charlie are run in a dynamic and engaging format.  Practise speaking, listening and comprehension, perfect your grammar and pronunciation. Lessons are conducted via Skype so you can learn anywhere, anytime!